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DOOROK PREFAB is a trusted name in ready rooms and in modular construction. For, over a decade, DOOROK PREFAB has been providing its clients with cost effective, reliable, and efficient modular construction. From concept to completion, engineering, manufacturing and installation, together with our team of professionals DOOROK PREFAB is poised to handle construction needs on the local, regional and national level.

The one word that best describes DOOROK PREFAB'S Slide Lock building system is simplicity. The standard Slide Lock panel is a composite of steel-puff-steel(PPGI), however, option of veneered ply, cement, aluminum, FRP, GRP, wood, and calcium silicate sheet facings is available.

The interlocking of the panels is ensured through a two piece aluminum post design and is trimmed with matching filler feature that snaps into post on either side. The connecting posts are sealed against thermal leaks with put foam. The connecting posts are specially designed to eliminate any chances of lamination failures even if the building is relocated several times. Further the post design ensures zero lamination loss even after decades of use and also helps in modular extensions without switching-off operations.

With minimum installation time, minimum labor, and maximum flexibility, Slide Lock building system offers the fastest, simplest, and premium quality structure today.

Slide Lock is simple to install and cost effective for numerous reasons:

The panels simply slide and lock together. Besides eliminating the mess, this dramatically reduces the costs and time required for conventional modular construction methods.For added flexibility and financial saving, the structure can be disassembled and relocated with 100% reuse of components and 100% recapture of investment.

Finished Slide Lock panels are shipped framed and ready to install. In about 20 minutes the walls of an8'x12' structure are complete- Slide Lock makes it that simple.
The option of polystyrene core/P.U foam is available.
The option of cam-lock connectors is available.
The panels are available in a wide variety of finishes.
Easy access wiring chase every four feet accepts standard electrical components.
Snap-on wiring covers allows for quick and easy addition, modification, removal of electrical and other wiring, any time.
Non-progressive design allows for replacement of panels, if damaged or removal of panels to move out sized equipment in or out of the building without disturbing adjoining wall panels.
The provision for concealing of wires in the post system. The post system matches the walls.

DOOROK PREFAB redefines the work "convenient" with its DuraSteel pre-fabricated shelters and partition systems.
DuraSteel panels come in a thickness of 40mm, 50mm, and 75mm. The panels are made out of skin-core-skin, wherein the skin and the core are available in various options. The panels are available in various finishes.
Durasteel panels have a tongue and groove locking system, wherein the locking system is designed out of the facings of the panel.

DOOROK PREFAB structures are a smart choice for many reasons:
Water tightness
DOOROK PREFAB buildings are completely watertight. The roof is double sheeted to ensure 100% water tightness where the span is in excess of 20'.

Doors and windows
The doors and windows are made out of anodized aluminum, and are provided with necessary accessories. The problem of staining and rusting is therefore well addressed.

DOOROK PREFAB's panels are pre-finished and therefore requires no finishing work on the site.

Dimensional Stability
Because DOOROK PREFAB panels hold there shape and size in the presence of moisture, rain, extreme thermal dynamics and seismic shocks, it is possible to erect buildings in all kinds of terrain.

Light Weight
DOOROK PREFAB panels are extremely lightweight. Its strength to weight ratio is among the highest in its category.

All DOOROK PREFAB structures come with a ten year warranty for leakages.

List of some of our esteemed clients:
Tagore International School (Vasant Vihar)-30,000 sq.ft.

Tagore International School (East of Kailash) 35,000sq.ft.

Bloom Public School (Vasant Kunj)-18000sq.ft.

Blue Bells School (Greater Kailash-1)-12000sq.ft.

Haryana Police-Sonepat.

G.D Goenka Public School-2500sq.ft.

Delhi Lawn Tennis Association-1200sq.ft.

Acme Telepower ltd-6500sq.ft.

E.S.I Hospital-Chandigarh-1500sq.ft.

Australian Embassy-6800sq.ft.