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The Flexo Foam Kombino is a mattress specially designed & developed for hospital use. It combines the best features of compressed rurbberised coir, latex, polyethylene to give you a product that gives firm body support and is durable, hygienic, easy to maintain and comfortable.

1. Latex Rubber Foam
2. Compressed Heavy density rubberised coir soaked in Latex faom.
3. Polyethylene foam lamination with germ resitant adhesive
4. P.V.C. coated fabric
5. Wax coated canvass covering

The mattress cover is made of polyvinyl coated fabric. The cover has been designed and stitched in special manner to prevent any seepage from the stitching joints. The stitching has been provided on the four vertical corners and the bottom of the mattress, that too after leaving a border of approx. 75 mm.


The sagging tendency of the rubberised coir mattress & softness of the latex rubber mattress tends to give insufficient support to the body leading to back ailments. Special care has been taken in the KOMBINO to avoid this problem. The compressed heavy density rubberised coir reinforcements prevent focal sagging. The heavy density latex cavities have been designed in a way as to give full firm body support.



The conventional rubberised coir mattress have a tendency to attract & harbour small insects like bugs & other vermin in the millions of tiny coir cavities. The KOMBINO has been made vermin proof by, firstly, the use of  a special germ resistant adhesive for lamination and, secondly, by blocking the coir cavities with latex foam rubber while moulding.



The 100% water resistant  cover makes the KOMBINO easy to maintain. The use of the conventional rubber sheet to protect the mattress is not required thereby reducing the recurring cost. The KOMBINO Mattress can itself be sponged with antiseptic solution to attain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene, so important to hospital care.


Hygiene is a very important part of treatment and medical care. The KOMBINO mattress takes special care of this aspect by provision of a polyethylene foam lamination on the top which does not allow the seepage or retention of any foreign matter.


Durability is by far the most outstanding feature of the KOMBINO. It has been designed to last longer than any other type of mattress. The top layer of the heavy density compressed rubberised coir ensures that there is no ageing or cracking of  the top skin due to ozone effect. The firm under support of specially designed latex rubber cavities prevents sagging or deshaping. The P.V.C. coated fabric cover and polyethylene lamination further safe guard the under layers from atmospheric effects.


 Sailent Features
 The Kombino Mattress : 

  • does not crack

  • does not sag

  • does not harbor insects

  • does not allow foreign material to seep

  • is easy to clean

  • is firm

  • is cool and comfortable

  • And, finally, it is the mattress for use in hospitals for the comfort of patients.