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Sleep Hygiene Mattress : No More Backache

Picture A          Picture B


Sleep Hygiene Mattress is Family's Delight Patients's dream and Doctor's challenge.

The spinal column stretches from the base of the skull to the buttocks consisting of more than thirty bones. These bones are linked by strong ligaments having washer like discs between them. These discs are constructed of tough fibrous covering wrapped around a jelly like substance which provides elasticity to pursuits movements over the spinal column.

Mountain out of mole hill

Spinal Cord. A major part of the central nervous system runs through a channel penetrating the length of spinal column. Peripheral nerves pass to the rest of the body through narrow side channels. A wrong twist or over strain in one position leads to painful effect on spinal column, resulting backache which leads to pain or weakness in any part of the body. Like as shown in the picture, back should be straight (like picture A) not left loose like picture B)




Backache can be prevented by proper care in movement, by using your back correctly especially for activities that put particular strain on back. Good posture improves health as well as general appearance by allowing the muscles to work their best at all times.

 Standing - Wrong Posture

Standing - Correct Posture

Slouching and bunching the shoulders will not only strain the back muscles but will also not allow the lungs to expand properly.

Maintain natural curves of the spine, feet should be slightly apart with the weight evenly distributed between them. Shoulders be released and the pelvis titled so that the abdominal muscles are held in (As shown in the picture)



Bending - Wrong Posture Bending - Wrong Posture

Exclusively curving the spine as shown puts unnecessary strain on the back.

While bending or lifting keep the back straight and bend at the knee. Hold the object being lifted close to the body and take its weight equally in both hands. weight should be felt on knees and legs.


Sitting - Wrong Posture

Sitting - Correct  Posture

The feet are not flat on the floor and buttocks are not well placed hence the back is not properly supported resulting into backache.

The feet should be flat on the floor, the buttocks well back in the chair and the back well supported if possible and erect.


Lying - Wrong Posture

Lying - Correct  Posture

When lying down the back should remain straight with the neck in line with the rest of the spine which is not possible on wrong mattresses.

Good investment in scientifically prepared mattress provides correct posture.



Imitation has no intelligence

You must have heard people often complaining in despair about their new mattress which is sagging, harboring insects and emitting foul smell. Instead of being relaxed in the morning they suffer from  backache due to the use of unscientific and unhygienic mattresses.

Keeping in view all these problems we introduce SLEEP HYGIENE MATTRESS. The only one of its kind thoroughly researched and scientifically designed and recommended by World renowned Orthopaedicians.


What is new in the Sleep Hygiene Mattress ?
Sleep Hygiene mattess is a giant towards achieving relilef from backache.

SLEEP HYGIENE MATTRESS is as good as any medical care as it annihilates backache. SLEEP HYGIENE MATTRESS incorporates the best features of compressed rubberised coir and Ployurethane form to render it durable, hygienic and comfortable providing firm support to the body. Heavy duty Natural Rubber Latex Form cavities in SLEEP HYGIENE MATTRESS have a special design for firmness, the basic requirement for the exclusive care your back needs. Conventionally rubberised coir mattresses have a tendency to attract and harbour Moth & Vermins. While SLEEP HYGIENE MATTRESS has been made vermin proof by blocking coir cavities with latex rubber at the time of moulding. So, it does not emit foul smell.

Top layer of heavy duty compressed rubberised coir ensures no ageing or cracking due to ozone effect. Also it does not loses shape. Adding to all this SLEEP HYGIENE MATTRESS is foldable making it easy to lift.

R&D breakthrough and manufacturing excellance makes SLEEP HYGIENE MATTRESS a medically accepted formula from backache relief. SLEEP HYGIENE MATTRESS is suggested for Orthopaedic patients. It has been used for the serious patients recovering in the post operative care and has been recommended for treating patients requiring prolonged treatment.

SLEEP HYGIENE MATTRESS are available in variety of latest of designs and eye catching colours giving the buyer a wider choice.


Use Sleep Hygiene Mattress and experience a world of difference.