Super Fast Construction Solutions

Aerocon Insta - Panels - An Introduction

Constructions around the world have one common constraint - time. Conventional building materials are of little assistance in overcoming this problem. The need ,thus, is for an alternative that apart from being a good substitute to conventional building systems also hastens the construction.

Aerocon Insta-Panel is a new product which gives instant construction solutions. Aerocon is a sandwich panel made up of two fiber reinforced cement sheets on either side of a lightweight concrete core composed of portland cement, binders, silaceous and micaceous material aggregate. The panels are fully cured before leaving the factory.

The advantage that makes Aerocon stand out from the rest is that of the speed of construction. A single structure without the requirement of frames, and a convenient tongue joining system helps in easier and faster construction.

Aerocon insta-Panels are the ideal substitute to cavity brickwork, plastered internal and external brick walls, and partitions in framed constructions.

  Aerocon Technical Data

Thickness 35mm 50mm 75mm
Weight (Nom) 30Kg/sq.m 39Kg/sq.m 54Kg/sq.m
Length (Std.) 2.4, 2.7, 3.0 2.4, 2.7, 3.0 2.4, 2.7, 3.0
Width (Std.) 600 mm 600 mm 600 mm
K Value   0.22 W/M k  
Axial Load   53 KN/M  
Linear Expansion   2 mm/M  
Surface Spread of flame   Class 1  
Water Penetration   Nil  


Time/Cost Savings

Aerocon panels are lightweight, easily transportable, thus reducing labour and transport costs. Aerocon panels also offer economy in structural costs and provide design flexibility.

The panels are easy to install, space saving, can be conveniently dismantled and reassembled at any new location.

Strong & Durable

Aerocon Panels, though light in weight, are strong due to the high strength-to-weight ratio. They are also termite, rodent and waterproof ensuring a longer life.

Easy Workability

Aerocon Panels are easy to work upon even with ordinary carpenter tools.

Excellant accoustic barrier

Aerocon acts as an excellent acoustic barrier, cutting sound upto 33 decibels.

Fire Resistant

Aerocon is inorganic and totally incombustible, providing a marked improvement over masonry and allows a more flexible approach to design.

Thermal insulation

The K value of Aerocon Panels is better than that of conventional systems, thus providing better thermal insulation.

Dimensional accuracy

The process of producing Aerocon Panels ensures constant and consistent dimensions. Variation is minimised allowing accurate installation in a plane background. The smooth surface lends itself to any type of interior finish.

The advantages

  • Faster, easier construction

  • Easy workability

  • versatile

  • Seismic resitance

  • Design flexibility